Level 7 Diploma in Contract Management

Level 7 Diploma in Contract Management

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Level 7 Diploma in Contract Management


In recent years, the importance of having employee with a deep understanding of contract management has significantly increased. This knowledge is not only limited to specific individuals such as lawyers and contract managers. All employees with the responsibility of overseeing or delivering a contract needs the knowledge of contract management to impact their decisions or actions on a contract. This Oxford Business School Certificate in Contract Management will give participants the exposure to the process and procedures in business, contracts, and in the development and management of long term contacts.

This Certifcate course will provide learners with a deeper knowledge, and the essential skills and talents to work as a successful Contract Management expert who will play an essential role in various projects to avoid loss and maximise profit of the project. This course in contract management will also offer students the clear understanding of the basic knowledge needed in other to become a team leader at work. Also, this course is the right choice for any individual who wish to get a higher salary and demandable position. This certificate course is also designed for individuals who wish to work within an organization contract and acquisition department and participate actively in the management of contracts.


This certificate course in contract management is aimed to give learners the expertise and ability to negotiate, manage and deliver business agreements and long-term contracts while maintaining a customer service of the highest level. Participants will learn about the government procurement process, along with different concepts and measures related with government contracting. This course will train participants in planning and evaluation of contract funding. Participants will gain proficiency with contract requirements, specifications, and planning acquisition.

Course Benefits

At the end of this certificate course, you will be awarded with a certificate in Contract Management, and will also be able to:

  • Move through the end to end process of contract management.
  • Identify the expectations of stakeholders and convert the needs of an organizational project into contract requirements.
  • Develop a model for evaluation and a criterion for selecting a supplier to be able to analysis and validate proposals.
  • Adapt and improve your communication strategies and techniques for negotiation
  • Recognize the various types of contract, their objectives, and legal implications.
  • Control and monitor performance supplier and effectively maintain working relationships.

Understand the value addition of contract to business.

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