Level 7 Diploma in Cost Management

Level 7 Diploma in Cost Management

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Level 7 Diploma in Cost Management


Cost Management is a form of management that aims to improve the profitability of a company by eliminating unnecessary expenses. This can only be achieved by implementing a successful technique for managing costs.

Delivering a complex project with the right budget, quality and time frame is very important in meeting the expectations of a client. Cost management provides individuals and organizations the highest degree of cost predictability over the life cycle of their business with the use of cost modeling and management techniques.

Oxford Business School has structured this certificate course to focus primarily on the internal financial analysis techniques and ideas within an organisation. Through this course, participants will receive an objective knowledge of the controllable factors in the operations of an organisation which will back daily operational control and strategic decision making.

After completing this course, participants will have the required competence to become an important asset in the field of cost management. This course will offer learners the relevant knowledge and abilities to provide management with financial and non-financial information for cost management, planning and controlling, strategic decision making, and so on. This certificate course will provide learners with the required knowledge to identify a career path within the financial industry, majoring in cost management.


This certificate course will provide a conceptual framework for financial decisions especially those of a long-term nature relating to an organization expenses. The focus of the course will be on the implementation of analytical tools, techniques, and theories through case studies, discussions, projects and analysis of decisions of modern organizations. This certificate course is designed to teach learners how to reduce costs in all of the major department of an organization such as compensation, sales, production, procurement, and administration. It will also discuss extensively on asset reduction techniques and cost management reports and measurements.

Course Benefits

At the end of this certificate course, you will be awarded with a certificate in Cost Management, and will also be able to:

  • Plan and develop long term strategies and methods required to meet the objectives of an organisation
  • Plan and control short-term operational projects and resources by means of budgets
  • Record and analysis transactions and activities and compile management accounts
  • Provide and interpret financial and economic information for decision making
  • Obtain and control organizational funds and so on.

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