Level 7 Diploma in Debts Management

Level 7 Diploma in Debts Management

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Level 7 Diploma in Debts Management


This Certificate Course in debt management by Oxford Business School is a comprehensive program designed for individuals who wants to seek the knowledge and practical application of debt management in public and private sector institutions. This certificate course is suitable for individuals with responsibilities for public financial management, debt, research, and accounting. It is also suitable for individuals in the private sector needing a wide range of knowledge in debt management techniques.

This certificate course is tailored to provide good grounding of the theoretical and practical experience of debt management, it will discuss the in-depth concept of external and domestic debt, and also discuss the application of these concepts in a real-world setting. Participants will also develop analytical skills and learn the difference between a debt strategy and debt sustainability analysis. This course is will suit those individuals working in a financial department of a large organization or individuals managing the finances of start-up business. The course covers debt control methods and techniques which will use an effective approach to ensure that organizations pay their debts on time.


The purpose of this certificate course in Debt Management is to ensure that those offering debt management services can competently explain the concept of debt management and the benefits of debt management to customers, the options available to startups that enter financial difficulties. This course will explain the approach of the various types of creditors and the methodology to successfully manage debts, and also the role of a debt adviser. This certificate course also provides participants with the in-depth knowledge of the role of debt management within an organization.

Course Benefits

At the end of this certificate course, you will be awarded with a Certificate in Debt Management, and will also be able to:

  • Gain greater awareness of the distinction between Debt and credit management.
  • Determine your own debt management style and its impact on peers, employees, clients and their own managers.
  • Prioritize which debt to pay off first;
  • Determine the best strategy to use when paying off debts based the highest interest rates charged or the minimum monthly payments.
  • Guide people and help them determine the best loan type that will serve their purpose.

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